Dancing with Dragons

Dancing with Dragons.

“Why do you walk this way, why did you choose this path? What can I find in it to help me find my own way?”

-Jan Bloem

In a proper learning process the student will grow out of the imitation phase and make the discipline their own. But many training styles do not allow for such freedom at all. Real freedom of movement is then never attained.

In Dancing with Dragons Jan will take us through the Dragon Form. This is a form that is designed to incorporate myofascial stretching, full body coordination and provide a platform to explore elemental movement qualities. In an intensive four-hour training, he will take a small group on a  journey through imitation, creativity and autonomy.


13:00-17:00 November 19th 2017

Zuiderpark 20


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Workshop is limited to 12 participants.


    Jan Bloem is a Human Movement Scientist and Neuroscientist who has been practicing martial arts since the age of four.

    He is also a renowned self defense expert and psychomotor therapist who works with law enforcement, special forces and elite level athletes. In his work he found that in many fields of human performance, the ability to move well is crucial but often neglected. In 2012 Jan created the Kinesica method as a means to help people move better quickly.