Jan Bloem

Drs. Jan Bloem: Kinesica founder and creator.

Jan is a human movement scientist and neuroscientist who has been practicing martial arts since the age of 4. He is also a renowned self defense expert and psychomotor therapist who works with law enforcement, special forces and elite level athletes.

In his work he found that in many fields of human performance, the ability to move well is crucial but often neglected. In 2012 Jan created the Kinesica method as a means to help people move better quickly.

“I see many people who compensate their limitations with strength, waste energy and destroying their body in the process.
With the best intentions, you can become good at bad things.”

Jan designed Kinesica an eclectic system, drawing from several decades of insights from martial arts, modern dance, yoga, somatics and many more disciplines. The goal is to help people move with the ease of a child and the power and precision of an adult.

As a trainer/educator he put a strong emphasis on a ‘learning mindset’ in training, in stark contrast to the popular ‘performance mindset’ found in the fitness industry. This creates a rich learning environment where real, durable change can occur.

More information about Jan and his work can be found here.